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A Comprehensive Plan for Successful Implementation


A great game plan is worthless if one cannot execute. And, as any general will tell you, a battleplan must be adapted to the situation on the ground.

Queue Management’s Operational Assessment creates the foundation for our implementation services. While a plan is essential for success, it’s not a guarantee. We’ll work with you to create operational and administrative teams to drive the implementation process—and increase your probability of success. 

Operational Team members are the experts on how things really get done in your hospital. This team will include the clinical staff, leadership, and members of the ancillary support departments who can affect patient flow. Team members will learn how to collaborate across departments, apply change management strategies, and achieve rapid cycle change. And, most importantly, they will learn to translate this knowledge into actions that affect change and sustain results.

Steering Committee members include senior hospital administrators and the directors and managers who oversee the members of the Operational Team. These champions and change agents will focus on removing conceptual, political, and/or bureaucratic barriers to implementing changes.

Engaging Physicians


A critical component of this process is engaging and empowering physicians. As physicians ourselves, we’ve been there. Our coaching services arm physicians with the business management and executive leadership skills needed to improve patient flow, clinical operations, and service delivery.


We will work with your internal teams and leadership to implement change management strategies to ensure sustained success.

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