Talk to nearly anyone about their last visit to the emergency department and they will likely tell you it was a miserable experience.

While advances in clinical medicine in the past 20 years have been nothing short of astounding, the hospital experience for many patients can be a nightmare. Patients often wait many hours to be seen in emergency departments and then can wait for hours or even days to be admitted to the hospital. Cases in the operating room are routinely delayed. Hospitalized patients often don’t know that they are being discharged until the doctor walks into their room to announce, “Good news. You can go home now.” 


Closing this service delivery gap is what Queue Management is all about. We bring the science of operations management together with the clinical experience of how care is delivered at the bedside to create care delivery models that are effective and efficient while improving the bottom line.

Change is perhaps the hardest thing to achieve in large institutions.

We are experts at it. Queue Management coaches and mentors your teams, teaching them the skills they need to sustain gains and continually improve your emergency department. Once accomplished, your emergency department will notice marketable ED benchmarks and a higher level of productivity—often without any increased staffing.