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Queue Management’s ED assessment discovery process includes:
  • Two days of “boots on the ground” meetings with ED leadership, ED staff, hospital leadership, and key stakeholders to kick off the operational analysis phase 

  • A facility tour to assess space availability and utilization, a critical component to operational success

  • Deep data analysis of hourly patient arrivals, acuity, and staffing patterns to create a custom mathematical model and ED patient flow diagram of your specific demand-to-capacity situation

Emergency Department Analysis

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We perform an analysis to determine where delays exist and when mismatches in demand to capacity occur. This will help us quickly and accurately develop a future state plan that includes:

  • The ED flow process model that best uses existing space, reserves treatment beds for higher-acuity patients, and moves ambulatory patients through the department

  • The best patient segmentation and resource allocation model for your facility’s demand and acuity

  • The lowest cost staffing solution that best matches your facility’s capacity, demand, acuity, and metrics goals

  • The optimal assets and space-use strategies needed to increase ED capacity in your facility

  • An estimated impact on your facility’s metrics and finances

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